Our Lady of the Resurrection Monastery

Monastic Artisanal Vinegars


Our organic-artisanal vinegars, based on a monastic recipe from the Middle Ages, are crafted from different types of red, rose, and white wine vinegars, as well as one vinegar from pure apple cider. After undergoing a slow boiling process with a mixtures of fruits, herbs, and a variety of spices, the vinegars are let to stand for 24 hours before being transferred into glass containers. Once poured into these large "bocaoux," each containing one or more "mothers" needed for fermentation, the vinegar is placed in a dark cellar at room temperature. The containers are left open to breathe and brew naturally at their own pace. The fermentation period is usually between 8 to 12 months minimum so that each vinegar may develop its own flavor. Our vinegars are carried by some well known restaurants and gourmet food shops in New York and New England, and are also available at our Atelier Saint Joseph.


Varieties include red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, rose wine vinegar, apricot vinegar, raspberry wine vinegar, cider vinegar, cider honey vinegar, and a rare sherry vinegar which is available in a limited quantity.


NEWS: This year's Monastery Vinegar Festival was very well attended by people coming from all over the country. Several thousands were in attendance. The demand was such that the monastery ran out of several varieties of vinegar, including the Honey-Cider, Sherry, and Apricot. Eventually, we ran out of bottles altogether. People continue to come steadily during the summer, especially on Sundays, to purchase the remaining vinegars. The publicity and media press were great instruments in attracting people to the Festival, which is now well established in the Hudson Valley as a yearly event.


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