Our Lady of the Resurrection Monastery

Land Stewardship


"Whoever fails to keep the things belonging to the monastery clean or treats them carelessly should be reproved"--Rule of St. Benedict




The stewardship of the monastic land and the care of our gardens get their daily inspiration from the celebration of the Liturgy. Living in harmony with the seasons helps us as monk-gardeners. We stay attuned to such things as the influence of the local weather on planting, proper nurturing of the soil, knowing the right moment for planting, understanding what is needed for proper growth, and finally, knowing when to harvest. One of the principles we follow is to synchronize our planting schedule with the rhythms of the church year. The seasons of Mother Nature and Mother Church blend wonderfully in our daily experience. Lent and Easter, for example, are times of spiritual rebirth. They happen at a time of year when the garden is reborn as well.