Our Lady of the Resurrection Monastery

Ways of Affiliating with the Monastery

Monachos (Monks): Men under 50 years old who wish to be part of the Our Lady of the Resurrection family, and who are serious and motivated about seeking God under the Rule of Saint Benedict. They should contact the monastery to receive further information.

Moniales (Nuns): Women interested in following monastic life as we do at Our Lady of the Resurrection can apply to similar communities; we recommend contacting the superiors of Transfiguration Monastery in Windsor, NY, or Immaculate Heart of Mary in Westfield, VT.

Oblates: Laypeople who wish to live in the world under the Rule of Saint Benedict can contact the monastery to receive further information.

Bene Voles (Volunteers): Secular people in the world who are motivated by the pure love of God to participate in the work of the monastery. Bene voles can come from many different backgrounds: artisans and artists, farmers and gardeners, musicians, carpenters (for general repairs and other similar jobs), typists and writers, iconographers, and others. Please contact the monastery for opportunities.

Friends and Benefactors: Those who wish to offer material support for the health and well-being of the monastery. All contributions are always gratefully accepted and properly acknowledged. Of course, we always appreciate spiritual support in the form of your prayers. 

Internships: The monastery sponsors a monastic/land conservation program that attracts several students each year from the surrounding colleges and universities, principally Vassar College. It encompasses the care of the monastic land and gardens, care of the farm animals, food preparation, and artisanale vinegar production. In some instances, the students may college credit for assisting with various tasks at the monastery.

To contact Our Lady of the Resurrection Monastery, please write to the address at the bottom of the webpage.